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CrossFit Fiend 

At CrossFit Fiend, we strive to empower individuals to achieve their fitness goals through a supportive community that meets people where they are and helps them grow physically and mentally. Our mission is to positively impact lives by creating a tribe that is strong and united, ready to make a positive impact not only in the gym but also in the wider community.

Community WOD

About Us

At CrossFit Fiend, we are on a mission to help you lead a healthy and active lifestyle through fitness and community. Our team members work hard to enrich the lives of our members and build a community of like-minded individuals who love being healthy and strong. Our ultimate goal is to get you in shape, and we achieve this through a variety of effective methods. If you're curious about our approach, we invite you to learn more and join our community today.

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24/7 Access

Included with membership

Locker Rooms

New sauna's and showers


Included with membership


Included with membership


Forging Elite Fitness

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Partner Wod Saturdays
Partner Wod Saturdays
Multiple Dates
Jan 06, 2024, 9:20 AM – 10:30 AM
Oklahoma City,
3901 N Tulsa Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73112, USA

Let Us Be Your Guide

Lets reach those goals together

CrossFit is the most effective way to reach your fitness goals, whatever they might be. Our coaches will work with you to keep you motivated and educated while you focus on your goal. We have a wide range of training tools such as Weight Training, Core Training, and Mobility.  With a full line of supplements from Driven, 24-hour access, and accountability from the community we have found what works.




Supplements were created to complete or enhance something else, not to replace. While not entirely necessary, supplements can speed up the process and help you achieve your fitness goals, FASTER. Get with one of the coaches today about the benefits of supplementation.


3901 N. Tulsa Ave


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Hanna R.

"I was reluctant and honestly intimidated to join CrossFit at first. I was out of shape, I hadn’t worked out consistently in over 7 years and I had a baby 10 weeks prior to joining. I had always joined gyms that used machine weights so free weights was a completely new concept that I had to learn. The coaches are super patient and worked with me to ensure I correctly performed each exercise or scaled back when necessary. I soon realized that CrossFit was meant for everyone, regardless of what shape you are currently in. I have gained strength, confidence and an outlet to focus on myself. The gym is welcoming, encouraging and I look forward to going each day."

Susan H

"This is a wonderful place to do CrossFit. The coaches modify moves for me because of my age and physical limitations. The class coaches/members/community are always friendly and supportive. I have lost weight and am much strong than when I started."

Dylan V

Stop questioning it and just do it. There’s honestly not enough words to accurately describe how life changing this place truly is. Try it for free even, and just see for yourself.
I too was also very hesitant and curious of what CrossFit was about. It’s more than just grueling workouts, and ridiculously ripped athletes, (don’t get me wrong they do exist, but they’re not the majority) it’s the community and structure that it brings together. Worried about time management going to the gym, join. Don’t know what to workout that day, join. I could go on and on about the pros and reasons to join. The only con is, the time you’re wasting the longer you don’t try it out. Again I can’t reiterate enough about the community and family you meet and get to workout with side by side each WOD. And I know I’m going to get roasted for it by the nooners but, I met my best-friend and love of my life here and couldn’t be more thankful for that opportunity. Give it a try, 100% won’t regret it!
CrossFit is for all


MON-WED: 8:00A-7:30P

Thurs-Fri: 8:00A-5:00P

SAT: 9:00A-1:00P



Class Schedule

Classes available Monday through Saturday!

Drop in today to see what the CrossFit hype is all about!

Monday - Saturday

12:00 PM

04:30 PM

Monday - Friday

Monday - Friday

Schedule of Classes

05:30 AM

Monday - Friday

9:30 AM

Monday - Thursday

06:30 AM

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

06:30 PM

05:30 PM

Monday - Friday

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