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"Unleashing the Power of Small Acts: How I Bring Joy as a CrossFit Coach"

Ever since I stumbled upon the amazing community at CrossFit Fiend, I have been pleasantly surprised by how fulfilling it is to help others. The feeling of pure joy that washes over you when you lay your head down at night after someone expresses their appreciation for your presence or aid in accomplishing something they never thought possible is indescribable. It's a feeling that leaves you with an unshakable sense of satisfaction, knowing that you have positively impacted someone's life in a way that will stay with them for a long time.

A certain feeling of elation comes from performing acts of kindness that cannot be compared to the fleeting joy we experience from material possessions. The excitement of purchasing a new car or a shiny watch may seem impressive, but it fades away with time. In contrast, the happiness we derive from being of service to others is more fulfilling and long-lasting.

The beauty of spreading joy through simple acts of kindness is that they are effortless and can be done daily. A warm smile or asking a stranger how they are doing can brighten their day. Similarly, addressing a colleague by their name, which they may not have heard all day, can make them feel seen and valued. Being good is not difficult; it only requires being kind, compassionate, and empathetic towards our fellow human beings.

Unfortunately, despite being an essential aspect of human nature, many people fail to practice kindness and then wonder why they are not living the fulfilling life they desire.

The key to being a great coach is understanding that the people you're trying to coach are only concerned with how much you know once they know how much you care. To be able to help somebody, you must have the desire to do so. You must listen attentively to their needs and meet them where they are before you can guide them toward their desired destination.

I'm excited to share that I recently completed the Level Two CrossFit Trainer certification. It was a bit of a grind, taking over 16 hours in one weekend, but I enjoyed every bit. The Red Shirts of CrossFit are true experts in their field, and I gained incredible knowledge from them. I'm thrilled to use this new knowledge to support my existing members better and help more people get fit. This certification will enable me to make a real impact on people's lives, and I can't wait to get started!

I have hired mentors to assist me in managing the business aspect of CrossFit, as I want to provide the best possible experience for our community. The Best Hour of Their Day team has me doing additional work daily, which I find immensely fulfilling. Each member deserves a top-tier CrossFit box to work out in, and I make every decision with their best interests in mind. To ensure I make the right choices, I view things from their perspective and consult people I trust, like my head coach, Mike, for input. By taking a calm, rational approach and setting aside my emotions and desires, I've been able to make sound decisions and help these people achieve their goals.

Every day, I strive to set a positive tone by leaving every place and every person I come across in a better state than I found them in. Even small acts of service, such as holding a door open or helping someone achieve their first box jump or muscle up, bring a sense of peace and joy that no material possessions can match. Simply knowing that I made a difference is all the reward I need.

Find your space

Prior to owning and coaching at CrossFit Fiend, I was aimlessly going through life and felt unfulfilled with just making a living. However, when I was presented with the incredible opportunity to own and coach at CrossFit Fiend, I knew that I needed to make some changes to achieve success, although I needed to figure out where to start. It wasn't until I went through a devastating breakup that I realized I needed to work on cultivating a more positive mindset. I recognized that coaching others while feeling sorry for myself as a victim was not a viable path to success.

I began reading books about mindset and controlling thoughts, and I noticed that gratitude was a common thread in all of them. Though hesitant at first, I started to write down all the good things that happened to me each day before going to bed. Initially, it was tough, and I could only come up with a few words like "sun," "bed," and "dogs." However, I persisted, and those words turned into sentences within weeks. Once it became a habit, I started to see how much better my days were. I had trained myself to look for joy and appreciate the good things in life. I was no longer a victim and saw a whole new world full of positivity. Now, a bad 15 minutes was just that - 15 minutes. I no longer have bad days because I have trained to focus on the good.

The three things I recommend, if you don't feel happy, are.

  1. Find a way to help others. You have a gift. You need to find what it is, hone it in, and then give that gift to others.

  2. Remember to practice gratitude. Focus on the good around you. It's too easy to see the bad when you're not looking for the good.

  3. Fill your cup first. Before you can spill into others, you must have enough in you.

It is essential to keep growing to be effective in anything. To teach others, it's necessary to understand the subject matter and continually improve your skills profoundly. This requires ongoing learning and practice. You can only expect to teach others if you continuously learn and improve yourself. It's like convincing someone to live a healthy lifestyle when you're not doing it yourself. It just doesn't make sense. So, keep growing, learning, and practicing your gift so that you can be the best possible teacher and helper to those around you.

As a coach, I am committed to an ongoing process of self-improvement to better serve every athlete who has placed their trust in me. I understand the importance of fitness as a cornerstone of a fulfilling life, allowing us to survive and thrive. With the gift of health and wellness, we can engage in activities others cannot, such as playing sports, spending quality time with our loved ones, leading by example for our children, and being ready for whatever life throws our way. Through fitness, we can protect and provide for ourselves and our loved ones and live with confidence and joy, regardless of the challenges that may arise.

As always.

Stay Rad

Richard Hutton

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