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How to purchase Bitcoin using a Coinbase credit card?

Are you a Coinbase credit card holder or you have applied for a new one but do know how to use it on Coinbase? Coinbase allows users to use debit/credit cards to invest in cryptocurrencies. Yes, you heard it right and you can also buy Bitcoin from Coinbase if you have credit. The process to add BTC via a card on Coinbase is easy and quick but you might be puzzled in case you are not from a technical background. Today, we are going to mention the tutorial on the way to purchase BTC via a card on Coinbase. You can use your credit card by providing the card number and other details on the transactional page.

But in case you are signed out from your account then you need to provide the Coinbase account login details. If you have turned on 2FA in your account, you might be asked to confirm your mobile number to access the account. Now, without taking much time, let’s move forward and learn how to buy BTC using the Coinbase Credit Card.

Easy steps to buy Bitcoin on Coinbase via a card

Make sure that you have the card details and the number linked with your card is active to avoid issues. If you are using an updated version of the Coinbase app or browser then you need to follow the steps that are given below:

  1. At first, open a browser or Coinbase mobile app and then sign in to your account

  2. Review the Coinbase login details and click the “Sign in” button to proceed

  3. Once you access the trading page, head to the cryptocurrencies section

  4. Now, get to the “Bitcoin” currency and click the “Buy” button next to it

  5. Once you are asked, type the USD amount and then choose “Credit Card” as a payment option

  6. On this page, head to the payment fields and fill up the required details

  7. Now, you are asked to validate the transaction to proceed

  8. When asked, click the “Place Order” button to finish the process

After approaching the above steps, Bitcoin will be added to your wallet.

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To sum up, cards can also be used on Coinbase to buy and sell. If you have a Coinbase credit card, you can easily buy BTC and add it to your wallet with the help of the quick steps that are given above on this page. Make sure to use a valid credit card to avoid issues. Now, if you are getting any payment declined issues, recheck the details of your card. Hopefully, you have learned how to buy BTC on Coinbase via card by referring to this post.


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