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5 Experts’ Tips to Write Better Essays in English

Essay writing in English sounds daunting for many students though their mother language is English. Yes! Many native English-speaking students find it hard to express their thoughts in the proper vocabulary, and thus they get poor grades in an English essay. If you are naïve and tired of asking, “Who can do my homework?’ before the deadline, this is the time you should read this write-up to write a standard English essay.

  1. Enhance your vocabulary:

Students generally look at the blank spaces of their copies during the exam and keep searching for the suitable word to define a situation or person. It is a common problem among students who cannot express their thoughts in their do my essay writing. Creating your own word bank is one of the main criteria for writing a unique essay in English.

For example, if your topic is discipline, your thesis might be ‘Discipline boosts your confidence.’

Now that you have a thesis line think about your main title of the topic and find suitable wordings in various ways. You can use synonyms like control, practice, method, self-command, strictness, self-mastery, self-governed, self-restraint, preparation, etc.

Now, you can broaden your lists to words that aren’t closely related to the main topic and list down those words on a paper or notepad to use later. Click here for matlab Assignment Help

  1. Research and more research:

When dealing with a hot topic, you should act like a journalist or a reporter. Explore the possible information for your thesis should be your primary concern here. Ask questions to your teachers or professors and be curious. If you need to take extra help, don’t hesitate to hire a custom essay writing service online to get proper guidance on essay writing. After all, no one can write a perfect essay on their first attempt. Click here for -accounting case study

A powerful essay contains more details and information. And that’s why you should search for resources like checking facts, reports, statistics, documentaries, references, etc.

For example, if your topic is ‘police brutality in the USA’. You should first look for the actual incidents that happened in recent years in the USA related to police brutality and how did a community affect it?

  1. Making strong paragraphs with topic sentences:

The topic sentences should express in the first sentence in a paragraph and ends with a conclusion. You can make them first to stay focused on writing. For example, for the thesis ‘discipline boosts your confidence,’ one paragraph’s sentence might be ‘discipline leads you to self-confidence and helps you in scoring better in exams.’

  1. Reading backwards:

Writing with correct grammar is quite impossible for students as they write with a flow. It is challenging even for the most fluent English writers. It has been seen that many native speakers learn incorrect English, which is reflected in their English writing essays. Click here for- biology assignment help

As you know, the English grammar, revise the elementary chapters like tense, direct and indirect speech, phrasal verbs, active and passive voice, transformation of sentences and translation in English. One way to spot grammatical errors and punctuation is to reading your writing backwards.

  1. Use modern writing tools:

Having an expert or parents spot your mistakes is not always possible. Therefore, you should start using various writing tools, software and apps for grammar checking, spelling and punctuation errors and plagiarism checking.


Learning English is not a dreadful task for any student. It doesn’t matter if you don’t speak English fluently or you have come from a different culture. You can write great essays in English if you follow these mentioned five tips. Of course, becoming a strong English writer takes more effort, but these tricks will help you grab the basics. click here for - global assignment help

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