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Is CrossFit best for Health or Fitness

CrossFit Health or Fitness?

Monday, October 11, 2021

8:17 PM

CrossFit to me is both. IF you are just looking to live a healthy lifestyle CrossFit in my opinion is the most efficient way. Just scale the workouts keep them safe and push the intensity. Now if you have that competitive spirit you can really have a great time here with all the different moves and ways to write workouts. CrossFit competitions are a great way to have a good time with friends and meet new people. They say CrossFit is a cult and personally I'm okay with that! Competing with friends and hard-working-like-minded people coming from all different walks of life, celebrating being health, happy, while testing what are bodies are capable of... Ill drink that Koolaid all day!!

CrossFit Definition of Fitness or How we measure fitness.

"Work Capacity over Time Domain, across broad Modality"

This means your ability to move in different modalities: (Gymnastics- Moving our body through space, Weightlifting- Moving an object through space, or Monostructural Cardio- Run, Row ,Bike, or Swim) over different amounts of time.

This is what sets CrossFit apart from other areas of fitness. This allows us to measure our workouts, while allowing us to track progress in many different ways. Making it easier to get wins when the scale doesn't cooperate. Not to even mention that it makes it way more fun to do CrossFit for the smack talk with the friends you will definitely find after doing CrossFit at a box!

The Definition of CrossFit is.

Functional fitness, at high intensity, that is constantly varied.

With being able to have so many different ways to work out with high intensity CrossFit is definitely the most efficient way get fit and or see results. with the proper diet and exercise you will be able to look any way you want.

CrossFit nutrition advice is short and simple. (How A Diet Should Be)

Meats, veggies, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and NO sugar.

Eat real food. Eat it often. I promise you do this you will absolutely look and feel better.

In Short CrossFit makes you harder to kill. With a clean diet and moving you body you can be healthy and fit. When Glassman started CrossFit the motto was off the carbs off the couch. This works and works well. All carbs are not the enemy its processed foods that are bad. Most of these are in the form of carbs. Be aware these days now they are making processed meat to keep you unhealthy.

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